How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (2024)

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (1)

As a Target super fan, one of the best discoveries I’ve made in the last few years is the almighty Target liquidation store, also known as a Target salvage store.

These wonderful warehouses of other people’s Target returns and unsold items are like a dreamland for Target afficionados.

So what are Target salvage stores (sometimes known as bin stores) and how do you find them? I’ve had luck finding Target salvage stores near me in a few different ways, and I’ve also uncovered a few online Target liquidators, too. Here, I’ll hare my secrets, as well as a running list of all of the Target salvage store locations I’ve found around the county so far.

Click here to download my regularly updated salvage and bin store list.

How to find a Target liquidation store

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (2)

Not sure if you have a Target salvage store near you? There are a few ways to find them.

1. Try your local Goodwill

I first realized that Target was getting rid of its overstock items when I was shopping at the Goodwill. Yes! If you didn’t know this secret, The Goodwill is one of the best Target salvage stores around.

I kept seeing items from Target, new in the box, with green “salvage” stickers on them. So I asked a Goodwill employee about the Target inventory, and she told me that they got regular shipments of Target salvage items. Most Goodwills I’ve been to sell Target liquidations.

2. Check Facebook Marketplace

One of the most consistent ways that I’ve found Target salvage stores is through Facebook marketplace. This is how I found the Connecticut Target salvage warehouses, Kathalow Warehouse Treasures and GNC Liquidation.

Oftentimes, owners of these liquidation warehouses will list their items online as a secondary sales strategy and to get people into their stores. So, open up Facebook marketplace and start searching things like “Target lamp” or “Threshold rugs” or whatever else you want to find – but try to include Target or a Target brand name (like Threshold, Project 62, Studio McGee, etc) in your keyword to narrow down your searches more easily.

If you find a seller with many listings, like over 30, check out their profile. There’s a chance they run a Target salvage store or operation. Look at their items and profile to see if they list an address for a warehouse or retail store.

3. Get Ye to TikTok

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (3)

TikTok-ers love to share their Target Salvage Finds. Just open up the app and type in “Target salvage store” or “Target liquidations,” or “Target salvage” and your location, and you’ll find all sorts of videos from various influencers on location at their favorite Target liquidator.

4. Ask a Target employee

Another great way to find a Target liquidation store is to just ask a Target employee. Try someone who works in inventory (the people you see stocking shelves), or someone at the customer service desk. You may have to try a few different people to get an answer – my local Target suggested visiting the Goodwill, but it’s worth a shot to ask in case your local store donates to additional locales.

5. Head to Google

You can also do some Googling. Besides just searching “Target salvage store near me,” you can also look for things like:

  • Bin store near me”
  • “Liquidation Warehouse near me”
  • “Clearance center near me”
  • “Target liquidator near me”
  • “Target warehouse”
  • “Amazon liquidator”

I suggest trying some of these other terms, and searching for Amazon liquidators as well, since many of these salvage stores sell items from other retailers, too. “Bin stores” is probably your best bet, since that’s what many of these types of retailers call themselves.

List of Target Salvage Stores By State

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (4)

If you’ve been endlessly searching “target salvage stores near me” and coming up empty, I’ve compiled a list of salvage store locations I know about. These stores typically sell Target salvage, as well as items from other big box retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, etc., so it’s a good idea to call and ask when their last Target shipment was.

Know a bin store not on my list? Drop it in the comments section or shoot me an email.


  • Bargain Hunt, 7 locations statewide
  • Ollie’s, Locations statewide




  • California Bin Store, National City
  • Home & More, San Diego
  • Marini’s Discounts, Concord
  • Ninja Warehouse, La Vista
  • Outlet by ELS, Azusa


  • Black Fridays, Aurora


  • Kathalow Warehouse Treasures, Bethel
  • GNC Liquidation, Milford
  • Crazy Bins, Orange
  • CrazyHotDeals, Manchester
  • B&T Furniture Warehouse, Stratford




  • Keevado, Dalton
  • Bargain Hunt, 15 locations statewide
  • Ollie’s, locations statewide
  • Daily Dealz, Macon



  • Big Deal Outlets, Burley
  • Big Deal Outlets, Idaho Falls
  • Big Deal Outlets, Pocatello



  • Liquidation Bin Store, Michigan City
  • Liquidation Bin Store, Portage
  • Bargain Bins of Terra Haute, Terra Haute
  • Black Friday the Store, Mooresville
  • Bargain Hunt, Evansville
  • Treasure Hunt, Evansville
  • Ollie’s


  • DaaBin, Cedar Falls
  • DaaBin, Cedar Rapids
  • DaaBin, Dubuque
  • DaaBin, Mason City


  • Retail Rebel, Kansas City




  • Buck Luck, Scarbourough
  • Marden’s, 13 locations statewide


  • Ollie’s Locations statewide


  • Ollie’s Locations statewide


  • Bin-n-Out, Clinton Township
  • Big Deal Bin Store, Kalamazoo
  • B2 Outlet Stores, Locations Statewide


  • Mystery Deals, Virginia



  • Bulldog Liquidations, Las Vegas

New Hampshire

  • Mr. G’s Surplus & Salvage, Keene
  • Mr. G’s Surplus & Salvage, North Walpole

New Jersey

  • Browns Bargain Barn, Glendora
  • Dealz4Less, Patterson
  • Turn 7, Moorestown
  • Daily Dealz ,Jersey City

North Carolina

  • Go 42 North, Raleigh
  • QuickLotz, Shelby
  • Bargain Hunt, locations statewide
  • Where Ya Bin, Concord
  • Where Ya Bin, Matthews
  • DaaBin, Elizabeth City
  • DaaBin, Graham
  • DaaBin, Kinston
  • DaaBin, Rocky Mount
  • DaaBin, Wilson
  • Ollie’s Locations statewide
  • Tyler Liquidations, Tyler

New York

  • Ollie’s Locations statewide
  • Empty The Bins, Yonkers
  • Under One Roof, Alden
  • Smokin Joe’s Outlet, Sanborn
  • Barrel Full of Bargains, Buffalo
  • Suffolk Liquidators, Port Jefferson
  • Supreme Savers, Bronx


  • Bargain Hunt, locations statewide
  • B2 Outlet Store, Toledo
  • Krazy Bins, Twinsburg
  • Krazy Bins, Parma
  • Krazy Bins, Mentor


  • Where Ya Bin, Mcalester


  • Super Deal Bin Store, Portland
  • Club Thrift Bin Store, Eugene


  • Prime Bins, Wilkes-Barre
  • Bill Town Bins, Williamsport
  • Buster’s Bins & Pallets, Elkland
  • Ollie’s, Locations statewide

Rhode Island

  • Bag It All Bin Store, Rumford
  • Ollie’s

South Carolina

  • The Bin Store, Columbia
  • Where Ya Bin, Columbia
  • Overstock Bins, West Columbia
  • Bargain Hunt, Easley
  • Bargain Hunt, Greenville
  • DaaBin, Union
  • Ollie’s Locations statewide

South Dakota

  • A Crate Deal, Tea


  • Crazy Hot Deals, Memphis
  • Crazy Hot Deals, Bartlett
  • Keevado (formerly Gimme a 5), 6 locations across the state
  • Bin Hunt, Columbia
  • Bargain Hunt, locations statewide
  • Ollie’s, locations statewide


  • Crazy Hot Deals, Houston
  • Black Fridays, El Paso (4 location in El Paso)
  • Treasure Chest, Houston (vintage bin store)
  • QuickLotz, Hurst
  • QuickLotz, Arlington
  • QuickLotz, Laredo
  • Bargains Depot, San Antonio


  • Big Deal Outlets, Ogden
  • Big Deal Outlets, Layton
  • Big Deal Outlets, Logan
  • Big Deal Outlets, Midvale – coming 2024
  • Big Deal Outlets, St. George


  • Mr. G’s Surplus & Salvage, Windsor


  • DaaBin, Newport News
  • Ollie’s Locations statewide


  • Best Prices Ever, Pasco
  • Hot Deals Liquidation, Pasco
  • Daily Deals, Yakima
  • Family Deals Liquidation, Kennewick
  • AMZing Outlet Liquidation and Bin Store, Centralia

West Virginia

  • Ollie’s Locations statewide


  • Hot Bargain Depot, Milwaukee
  • DaaBin, Rice Lake


Can you find a Target liquidation store online?

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (5)

If you can’t find a Target salvage store near you, the awesome news is that you can shop Target salvage online, too.

Some Target re-sellers have opted to sell their items online instead of in a physical store. The most popular spot to find Target salvage online is eBay.

The biggest seller I’ve personally come across is called Bullseye Deals. They’ve done over 1.1 million sales, and have all kinds of Target things listed at all times. I’ve pretty much seen every piece of Studio McGee for Target decor go through their inventory, so if you’re looking for something specific, I’d suggest checking their stock often.

You can also simply do an eBay search for a Target item you’re looking for, and see what sellers come up.

What is a Target Salvage Store?

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (6)

Target salvage stores are retail stores and warehouses that buy pallets of Target returns and items that Target doesn’t sell, and then they offer those items at a discount. These stores used to be few and far between, but are becoming more and more popular across the U.S.

There are two Target salvage stores near me, one called Kathalow Warehouse Treasures, in Bethel, CT, and another called GNC Liquidations in Milford, CT And there are literally thousands of them around the U.S., with more cropped up constantly.

What do Target Salvage Stores Sell?

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (7)

Target salvage stores sell all kinds of items from Target. I’m talking:

  • Home decor
  • Furniture
  • Items from the Bullseye playground
  • Seasonal decor and holiday items
  • Clothing
  • Bedding and textiles
  • Small appliances
  • Housewares
  • Kitchen tools
  • Electronics
  • Kids toys
  • Health and beauty items

And lots more.

Many of the itesm you’ll find are discontinued Target items, but many of them are also things you’ll still find in the store. I love seeing items that I almost bought full price, for about half off in a Target salvage store.

How cheap are Target salvage stores?

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (8)

Target salvage store generally sell items anywhere from 40-60% off. I asked one of the employees at Kathalow Warehouse Treasures, the Target salvage store near me, about the pricing, and she says their employees look up an item online and then mark it down to 40-50% off depending on what the item is.

I’ve bought a chair that was originally $200 for $120, and a set of dishware that was originally $40 for about $20.

Where do Target liquidations come from?

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (9)

Essentially, Target sells its salvage inventory to clear out items they can no longer sell for some reason, and make room for new merchandise.

Items are deemed “salvage” for a few reasons, including:

  • It’s a seasonal item that’s now out-of-season
  • It’s a return item or open-box
  • It’s an item with minor defects that can’t be sold at full price
  • It’s an overstock item and there’s simply too much of it

Whatever the reason, I’m just happy they’re not throwing it in a landfill and giving people a chance to purchase it at a lower price!

How do you buy wholesale Target salvage?

Another interesting thing I’ve found out on my quest to discover all of the Target salvage stores around me, is that there are also lots of ways to buy wholesale Target salvage, or in other words, to purchase entire pallets of Target salvage. If you’re interested in this, you can bid in online auctions, or visit a local wholesale liquidator near you.

There’s one in Connecticut called American Liquidations, for example. An interesting idea if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money!

How To Find a Target Salvage Store Near You & List by State (2024)


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